an excerpt from my upcoming book…


Why am I writing this book?

Because the world has changed. It is a place dominated by global superstars and celebrities, huge multinational corporations, and vast sums of money.

In the 21st Century, what can one single man ( or in this case, two good buddies ) possibly do?

A world record is a symbol of greatness. Of the ultimate in human endeavour. The level has been raised again and again, so much so that to break it seemingly requires ever more resources and the most finely skilled members of the race.

But this is not the case. It never has been.

Every record started with a first. Every record has humble beginnings. Every record should remain attainable by modern man.

This is a story of how two childhood friends, from common public backgrounds, growing up in a run of the mill environment, went on to achieve greatness. Not through money, or class, or networking; but through determination, will, guts, courage, and dedication.

We set the fastest ever time cycling unassisted around the country of Iceland.

We have no professional training, no nutritional coaches, no assistants and no advantages. At the beginning, all we had was no clue. Just like you. But you can achieve greatness, just as we have; indeed we emplore you to.

We want you to break our record.

That’s why we wrote this book. To give you as much information as we possibly can to help you succeed. So you can complete the journey, no matter who you are or where you come from or what you do. If you read through our advice, we can’t guarantee that you will beat our time, but we can guarantee that you will have an excellent shot at it.

You are special.